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Film Festival Brings Muslim Women’s Voices to Dearborn
UM-Dearborn will host Women’s Voices from the Muslim World Jan. 27, which will feature short films on life for women of Islam.
By Jessica Carreras | January 24, 2011

To learn the real stories of Muslim women, they must come from the women themselves.

As such, the University of Michigan-Dearborn is hosting Women’s Voices from the Muslim World–a two-part film festival that aims to shed light on issues of importance to Muslim women everywhere.

The festival will take place Jan. 27 from 4-9 p.m. and comes from the relatively new nonprofit Women’s Voices Now. Based in New York, the organization strives to tell women’s stories and fight sex-based discrimination and oppression.

“Our mission is to empower women and give voice to the struggle for civil, economic and political rights,” the group’s website explained. “We are a young organization founded in January 2010. We have made great strides since that time and have earned the support of countless established and respected partners.

“We aim to educate an international audience and empower women to bring gender equality to local communities around the world.”

Women’s Voices of the Muslim World is the nonprofit’s first project, and has been shown in full or in part at various events across the world. The UM-Dearborn showing will be the festival’s first event in Michigan.

“Women’s Voices from the Muslim World at UM-Dearborn represents a collection of voices from women of all faiths living in Muslim-majority countries, as well as Muslim women living as minorities worldwide,” explained coordinator Chene Koppitz in a release.

The festival will be split into two series of short films: Collisions and Awakenings. “The films of Collisions, staring at 4 p.m.., examine issues of tension and confrontation,” the release detailed. “Those in Awakenings, showing at 6:30 p.m., explore personal identity.”

Films will range from documentaries to fiction; drama to comedy.

For example, “Fashioning Faith,” a film in the Awakenings portion, follows New York designers who are setting out to prove that fashion and Islam can go hand in hand, and the Muslim women can be fashionable and modest, too.

Conversely, “Half Value Life” follows Afghan female public prosecutor Marya Bashir, who puts her life at risk to defend the rights of women in Afghanistan.

Both screenings are free and open to the public. A roundtable discussion will follow each set and attendees will have the opportunity to speak with Women’s Voices Now coordinators Cassandra Schaffa and Catinca Tabacaru.

Screenings will be held in room 1030 of the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters building.

For more information about Women’s Voices Now, please visit http://womensvoicesnow.org.

Film Festival Brings Muslim Women’s Voices to Dearborn

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