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Women’s Voices Now presents its second film festival, Women Bought and Sold: Voices United Against the Violence. In this Festival, we aim to potray a deeper understanding of the worldwide issue of sexualized violence directed against women, but specifically focus on the contributing factors to these global challenges in Muslim-majority societies. The subjects broached in Women Bought and Sold include: sex trafficking, slavery, domestic servitude, forced marriage, and sexual harassment. WVN hopes that the Festival will provide a virtual and actual environment in which discussion among passionate activists, film directors, decision makers, and critical minds will lead to creative solutions and solidarity in the fight against these obstacles to peace, prosperity, and the dignity of women. To submit a film, click here.
Film Festival
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1. 2 .3?
By: Alka Sadat / Afghanistan

(2014) "1. 2 .3?" is a documentary film that demonstrates women's problems in Afghanistan. This film…

Playing the Taar
By: Roya Sadat / Afghanistan

(2010) Ay Nabaat is a 17 year-old girl from the Turkmen ethnic minority in Afghanistan. She has been…

Three Dots
By: Roya Sadat / Afghanistan

(2004) "Three Dots (Seh Noktah)" tells the sad story of a single woman named Gul Afrooz living in a village…

BREAKING THE SILENCE: Moroccans Speak Out!
By: GlobalGirl Media Morocco / Morocco

(2013) GlobalGirl Media Morocco presents Breaking the Silence: Moroccans Speak Out!, a 30-minute documentary…

Final Moments
By: Shadi Amin / United Kingdom

(2013) Final Moments is a groundbreaking documentary featuring experiences involving rape of virgin girls…

Her Words: Storytelling with Saris
By: Monica Jahan Bose and Nandita Ahmed / Bangladesh & United States

(2013) This documentary film highlights the resilience and achievements of 12 Muslim women of Katakhali…

Heart on Fire
By: Beri Shalmashi / The Netherlands/Kurdistan

(2013) Derya tries to deal with the wounds of the past. But her badly burned body makes it complicated…

Berxen Kulek (Lame Lambs)
By: Yunus Yildirim / Turkey

(2013) Neco is a Kurdish nomad who had to sell his late brother's wife, Avjin, to Huseyin as a second…

Shadow of the Stone
By: Fatemeh Keihani / Iran

(2013) In this film, Shahrzad relives her life in reverse - from the last moments before her death to…

Musta a Dila - Justice Seeking Angels
By: Sangita Datta / India

(2013) Indian Muslim women rank quite low in the social order of India. Furthermore, religious customs…

In the Name of Tradition
By: May El Hossamy / Egypt

(2013) The destiny of women is irrevocably linked to blood. Between tradition and modernity, the woman's…

Take Care
By: Afrooz Nasersharif / Iran

(2013) When a tragedy happens and is exposed by the media, the civilized world wakes up to lament in…

Like in a Mirror
By: Tamer Samy Aziz / Egypt

(2013) When a young and battered wife of a state police officer meets a young revolutionary poet, their…

Don’t Be Afraid of Anything
By: Babak Rahimi / Iran

(2013) Based on a true story, Don't Be Afraid of Anything portrays the story of a couple that begins…

Fight Acid Violence
By: Shahida Akhter / Bangladesh

(2013) This is a documentary on acid attacks and violence against women in Bangladesh. It includes information…

The Theft
By: Mohammad Farahani / Iran

(2013) An old woman appears to have committed a theft. Or, maybe she has not. Very often in life things…

Pardon! Who, Me?
By: Ipek Efe & Berna Kuculmez / Turkey

(2013) Deniz is graduated from school of Tourism and business.Deniz feels pressure during job interviews…

The Virginity Minarets
By: Farhad Rezaee / Afghanistan

(2013) A young girl cannot go home and seeks shelter in the local mosque. The caretaker of the mosque…

End of the Story
By: Ghafar Azad / Afghanistan

(2013) Roya’s husband was arrested by the Americans troops on the night of their wedding celebrations…

By: Farzan Ghaemmagham / Iran

(2013) Hanif and Ghazale are a couple who decided to immigrate and so practice their English together.…

Darya’s Dream
By: S. Jalil Hussaini & Jamil Jalla / Afghanistan

(2013) The story is about the agony of two sisters, Roya and the younger Darya, who dream of going to…

The Unknown
By: Abdul Ghafar Faizyar / Afghanistan

(2013) The Unknown, a film about a woman reporter whose entire state of being is distressed because of…

Behind the Wheel
By: Elise Laker / Tajikistan

(2013) Every year, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers leave Tajikistan in search of employment.…

City of Dust
By: Jamil Jalla / Afghanistan

(2013) Two lovers in Kabul struggle to be with each other despite the fact that no one approves of their…

Do Not Trust My Silence!
By: Mubareka Sahar Fatrat / Afghanistan

(2013) This documentary for me is more than just a 9-minute film; there is a lot in it. There is a great…

When the Dust Settles
By: Pouria Siminpour / Iran

(2013) A woman who left her husband suffers from severe loneliness. Every day she spies upon her neighbor,…

My Sin…?
By: Hafizullah Yoosefi / Afghanistan

(2013) After three decades of war in Afghanistan, the things we can see in every corner and edge of the…

By: Ugur Ferhat Korkmaz & Atilla Barutcu / Turkey

(2013) A transvestite woman is attacked by local people. She cannot leave her home for fear of her safety.…

A Rose for Majnun
By: Ahad Ebadi / Azerbaijan

(2013) An itinerant woman tries to make ends meet for her and her husband. In her attempt to provide…

The Ring
By: Babak Haddadian / Iran

(2013) A woman is unhappy with her life because of how her husband treats her. She is pregnant with their…

By: Sayed Masoud Isalmi / Afghanistan

(2013) This film is about a family that lives in Afghanistan. They have two young girls and they want…

A Mother’s Gift
By: Mohammad Ranjbar / Afghanistan

(2013) A Mother's Gift is painful. It is a film about Rahima, a human rights worker in Police District…

By: Ramia Beladel / Morocco

(2013) Behind, behind a sheet, or, or shame, or tradition or a lot of excuses, a woman left to herself,…

Handful of Ash
By: Nabaz Ahmad / Iraqi Kurdistan

(2005) "…[A]nd then they applied ash on it.“ Iraqi-Kurdish women and girls report about their traumatic…

In The Name of Opium
By: Sayed Jalal Husseini / Afghanistan

(2013) Afghanistan is depicted as a "Narcostate". Far from dealing with the clich's of the media, this…

Mr. Fazili’s Wife
By: Hassan Fazili / Afghanistan

(2013) A woman beggar without a guardian tries to lead an independent life. The woman has a daughter…

By: Maaria Syed / India

(2013) A political yet intimate drama about a Muslim woman dealing with life on different levels after…

Get Along
By: Parya Vatankhah / Iran

(2013) Playing with the principal concept of her interest, ambiguity and paradox, Parya Vatankhah intends…

Farzana Ki Kahani (Farzana’s Story)
By: Raheel Waqar / Pakistan

(2013) Farzana’s story shows how forced marriages are often a sublimation of family elders' wishes…

The Reflex
By: Ali and Hussein Mousavi / Afghanistan

(2013) Public sex talk is forbidden in the conservative Muslim country of Afghanistan. But the current…

Vomit II
By: Celia Elslamieh Shomal / Netherlands/Iran

(2013) The effects of sexual harassment vary from person to person, in my video representation of myself…

After 35 Years
By: Alka Sadat / Afghanistan

(2014) Afghanistan has one of the world’s worst ratings in terms of domestic violence. All of this…

By: Malek Shafi’i & Diana Saqeb / Afghanistan

(2013) In 2009, the Afghan Parliament approved the Shia Family Law, which was then signed by President…

A Chronicle of Tahrir Square
By: Nour Zaki / Egypt

(2014) On February 2, 2011, Nidal's father is injured during the violent clashes in Tahrir square and…

Just a Prayer
By: Farah Merani / Canada

(2013) Just A Prayer follows Anita, a modern Muslim woman who seems to have everything, but who is deeply…